Hi, there :)

Welcome to my digital home. This is a site where you can discover what I've been up to lately for work and play. Enjoy, share and thanks for visiting!

What I Do

My current adventures include starting-up a non-profit for design education, a virtual reality (VR) experience training company and a stealth groundbreaking 3D technology platform. I am involved in a variety of freelance projects at all times.


Who I Am

I'm a designer, educator and entrepreneur. My professional career spans electronic entertainment, scientific research and technology start-ups. I am also an artist, a writer, a coder and lover of puppies. I travel to eat and never turn down an opportunity to have fun or volunteer for a great cause.


At Work & Play

My sweetening and mastering of the soundtrack to a timely and important feature length documentary film on Lyme Disease will hit the big screen soon. If you're interested in learning about how design is the 'A' in S.T.E.A.M. education, check out Akademos Fu. My last exploration of the pacific northwest, captured the flavors of Vancouver, Canada and Washington's secluded Puget Sound islands. The membership gratitude event at the diRosa gallery in Sonoma put on quite a picnic, complete with live music. Mmm, a new tasty breakfast skillet from home: Garbonzo, egg and tumeric.

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