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R&R between meetings in LA ;)

Mark Templin

I grew up in the rough and tumble southwest. Grandma taught me to pull up my bootstraps, work hard and play harder. My colleagues and mentors taught me respect for mashin' up creativity and technology to make something from nothing. I love to get my hands dirty!

I love to get in front of a mic and spew. Characters, crash test dummies, commercials... Have a listen to Dragonbox Studios at dragonbox.us.

I help clients create products that just work, by design. Experience the studio online at Dragonsfisher Design at dragonsfisher.com.

Meet poodle-pekinese puppy, Dug. He's a super smart, cute little diplomat. He's also real loud and demanded a web page, or else. The collage of Duggles is at visit Dug's collage at duggles.net.

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Cooking for a Cause with La Cocina

Summer 2017

I volunteered for the annual fundraising event for a local small business startup that helps minority women be successful in this expensive city. I just happened to be assigned to Elizabeth Faulkner's station. She's a Top Chef, amazing person and soccer player like me. Unlike the tremendous pressure of the TV show, working the annual fundraising event for La Cocina was a blast. She made a delicious squid ink bernaise sauce to compliment beef tar tar with diced yumminess and crispy potato bits on top. ( That's me in the blue jacket ;)